The Benefits of Naturism

Health Benefits

Sun exposure and vitamin D.

Naturism has many health benefits, despite the negative publicity on the risk of skin cancer from too much sun exposure. It is a known fact that sun burn leads to skin cancer but not sun EXPOSURE.

The holistic approach of the naturist philosophy goes much further than just lying about in the sun and getting an all over suntan. In a survey of New Zealand naturists, less than 20% said that their favourite activity at their club was sunbathing. The office worker who spends two weeks of his summer holidays at the beach would be at far greater risk of sun BURN than the hardened naturist. The area of skin covered by a bathing suit doesn't really make much difference when out in the sun - the same precautions have to be taken naked or in togs. That said, sun protection is ALWAYS advisable when out in the sun, especially between 10am-2pm in the summer months.

There is a lot of literature on the benefits of the sun on the body, due to the production of vitamin D in response to sun exposure. With people 'covering up' outdoors, there are more and more cases of rickets in the population, which is directly due to lack of vitamin D. The recommended 'dose' of sunlight on the total body, required to maintain adequate vitamin D levels, is considered by many specialists to be half the time it takes to burn per day. Not only does it feel good, but the sun has been documented to be beneficial in the prevention of a large number of diseases, from rickets to some forms of cancer (including melanoma), arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Mental Health

Being naked outdoors on a sunny day isn't sexual, but it is sensual - a delight to your senses - creating a feeling of well-being. We all know how invigorating the sun can be and how depressed we feel in the winter, during days and days of cloud and rain. It even has a name - SAD (seasonal affective disorder). We all appreciate the warmth of the sun on our bodies when wearing clothes. Imagine the feeling when the whole body is exposed to the sun - totally naked. Naturism allows us to feel the breeze over the whole body and the cool grass under our feet. Add swimming without clammy togs into the mix, and you get a total stimulation of the tactile (touch) senses. Without clothing, you have improved blood circulation in your skin and nerve endings which gives a feeling of well-being. Unless you have tried it, it's hard to believe how much more alive being totally naked can make you feel. In today's world, where stress seems to be part of the deal, a visit to a naturist club can let you totally unwind. We often use the expression 'Shed your stresses with your clothes'. And that is totally true. Once you get through the gate and dispense with your clothes, all your stresses can be felt draining away as nature's elements caress your whole body.

Being naked socially is a big step for some people and can be daunting at first. But this only lasts for a few minutes and once you have taken that first step, you wonder why you didn't do it years ago.

Naturists know that they lead a much healthier life, physically and mentally due to the euphoria which creates a sense of well-being that can only be experienced to understand it. Why not try it and find out how invigorated, stress-free and totally relaxed you feel.

Self Esteem

Along with the increase in euphoria created by exposing the whole body to nature's elements, naturism helps to increase confidence and self esteem. Once people shed their clothes they regard each other as equal individuals and pay little heed to status symbols. People are accepted as themselves and they can truly relax. The naturist philosophy encourages the acceptance of all people, no matter who they are or what they look like. The lack of clothing exposes ALL of our bodies to others. 'What you see is what you get'. Any status symbols have vanished with our clothes, so what your body looks like becomes irrelevant. 'You are YOU', and basically, we are all the same underneath.

Many people, women especially, think that their body isn't good enough to show to others. This is a total myth. There are all shapes and sizes, colours and creed in the general population and, in a naturist environment as well, but everyone is accepted without prejudice. Many naturists, as in the general population, have experienced surgery, childbirth, or have scars from accidents. Some have had mastectomies and others colostomies. It doesn't change the person they are because they have a blemish or two. The concerns about figure shape, and other perceived imperfections is the result of social conditioning which can lead to many people being needlessly unhappy about their bodies. Social nakedness quickly shows you that you are accepted for who you are not what you look like. There is no need to worry about how your body compares with someone else's.

Becoming a naturist is an excellent way to feel better about yourself because nobody takes any notice of your body shape. Actually, most people look far more relaxed when naked than they do when trying to stuff their bodies into unnaturally tight clothing. When you are nude, your body takes its best, most natural shape and proportions, and it feels better to be free of the restrictions of wearing tight clothes. The best, most attractive outfit is actually: 'NONE AT ALL'. You will gain more confidence and feel totally 'comfortable in your skin'.


The naturist lifestyle allows you to experience the true 'freedom' of exposing your whole body to nature's elements. It is a lifestyle choice, and one which, after you have experienced and dispelled all the myths surrounding it, you can live a normal life naked in a safe environment.

Apart from the obvious health benefits, many people join a naturist club to socialise with like-minded people. Most clubs have either accommodation or camping facilities. So you can spend a relaxed holiday in an on-site cabin, in your caravan or tent or just visit for the weekend or a day. Most have a spa, some with a sauna, and a swimming pool. The clubhouse allows socialising on a regular basis, even on a wet day or in the evenings.

Clubs are open all year round and many hold monthly social gatherings. During the winter, events are held around the fire in the clubhouse or at a member's home. Some hold swim nights at a local heated indoor pool, followed by a meal out. Children are catered for as well. There are playgrounds, swimming pools and plenty of safe grounds for the children to play in. And some have a youth hall where the children can entertain themselves while the parents relax. You never have to feel alone when a member of a naturist club. There is something for everyone.

Couple 'Therapy'

A recent survey of naturists found that many joined because their partner wanted to. Often one person in the couple is not as keen as the other, but often the reluctant partner ends up being the keenest, once naturism has been experienced. Some people have the fear that joining a naturist club will take away intimacy with their partner and desensitise their sexuality. But attraction does not depend on whether people are naked or not. In fact, you will probably find them more attractive if they are wearing suggestive clothing. Naturists believe that they have healthier sexuality, since they are more comfortable with themselves and their bodies. Naturists can enjoy the sexual act in private with their partner without feeling self-conscious about their nudity.

Naturists get to spend quality time with their partner in an environment that provides safety (i.e. freedom from voyeurs, thugs, and perverts). It often takes time to convince a woman that her partner doesn't just want to 'perve at the birds'. So an honest and open discussion will often open up the minds of both partners and in the process improve the relationship. It can lead to a couple spending more time sharing their inner thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Because naturism can lead to a person, especially a woman, liking herself more and gaining more confidence she will look more radiant. Naturism can break down so many of the barriers that stand in the way of true loving fulfillment. Relationships can flourish once these barriers are broken down. Naturists get to meet people who share the desire for non-sexual, honest communication based on trust.


The sense of freedom when you remove the entrapments of 'civilisation' is fantastic. It is simply more comfortable to be free of clothing. The sheer joy of diving into water without a clinging costume has to be experienced to be understood. And, as an added bonus, when you get out, you have no wet, clammy togs clinging to your skin. Your skin dries much quicker than any swimsuit, and swimming without togs is more comfortable. Having the wind blow across all your body is a sensuous feeling which is enhanced by the warmth of the sun. You have no clothing restricting your movement, which makes playing sport easier. Instead, your body is as it should be - free!

Recreation and Enjoyment

For the sports minded, many clubs have sports courts. At these clubs, members can play social sport. This includes miniten (the naturist's version of tennis), volleyball, petanque, tenniquoits and indoor sports such as table tennis, darts or pool. Club competitions in these sports are competed for annually and trophies awarded at many clubs.

If you are not into sport, all clubs have expansive grounds, planted in bush or lovely gardens. So you can just relax and unwind in a peaceful setting. Or if you like to keep busy, there are always plenty of outdoor activities that you can partake in, such as gardening or grounds maintenance. Every year, over the New Year period, a national rally is held at a naturist club and this is a great time to meet up with new friends or renew old acquaintances from previous rallies. Sports competitions are also held on a national level at the rally and there are plenty of social events to attend.

Many naturists join together into special interest groups and organise such events as nude tramping, cycle rides, car rallies or meals out. Some book out local vineyards or restaurants for a nude dining experience. Whether it is meeting up with friends, playing sport, attending social events or just relaxing, naturism can give you a great deal of enjoyment. There is always something going on and you never need to feel alone. They are great places for lonely people, because at the club you will always be made to feel welcome and you will make lifelong friends.

Connection with Nature

Some people feel more connected with nature when naked. For example, gardening naked is a great way to feel invigorated, liberated and at one with nature. The touch of plants against the skin and the feeling of grass under your feet awakens the tactile senses and the birds seem to accept you more as part of the surroundings when you are naked. The feeling of the wind on the body, sand between the toes or the water over the whole surface of your skin makes you feel part of nature's elements. As well, with the sun warming the body, what better way is there to live?

Family Participation

Remember the 'good old days' when Mum, Dad and the kids all went out together in the weekends? Haven't times changed? Today, with our busy lives, parents working at weekends, split families and many more activities for children to enjoy, naturist families are dropping in numbers. This is such a shame, because naturism is so good for quality 'family time' together. Families should take the time to relax at a naturist club. It's a great de-stressor!

Naturism is great for kids. Children who have grown up in a naturist environment have a better understanding and acceptance of all body shapes and sizes and how they develop. They grow up familiar with people of all ages and free of the usual curiosity about the human body. Naturism gives children a healthy attitude to people of the opposite sex. Children are natural naturists and are usually too busy playing or making new friends to worry about the general lack of clothing. They are completely safe in a naturist club - safer than walking down the street. Because members of a naturist club are like one big family, the children are taken care of either by other parents or older children, allowing the parents to have some relaxation together.